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Yummy Maple Syrup from our farm

We have once again begun a new and exciting phase in farming here at Cripple Creek Farm in Middleburgh! 


Two years ago, we decided to take a seminar on making Maple Syrup and this past Fall purchased a 2 foot X 8 foot maple sap evaporator so we can produce maple syrup from our many maple trees on our farm!  Now that tree tapping season is now over for us due to a very early Spring and we have made many gallons of yummy pure maple syrup. 


We are offering this syrup for sale so please ask for more information.  We have it for sale right here at our house.  We have all sizes and quantities of our yummy and delicious pure maple syrup available.  I am finding there are so very many uses for syrup, like on pancakes, French toast, over ice cream, on sausage and corn fritters, on biscuits - we even use it in our coffee.  Mmmmmm.


Please feel free to ask for availability of our syrup we have for sale at the farm house. 



Price List for Maple Syrup 2016

                     PRICE LIST FOR 2016              

 Plastic Jugs


1 Gallon (128 oz.) - $50.00

½ Gallon (64 oz.) - $35.00

1 Quart (32 oz.) - $20.00

1 Pint (16 oz.) - $15.00

½ Pint (8 oz.) - $ 8.00


Decorative Glass Maple Leaf


500 ml. (17 oz.) - $15.00

250 ml. (8.5 oz.) - $10.00

100 ml. (3.4 oz.) - $ 5.00


Glass Gingerbread Boy


    250 ml (8.5 oz.) - $10.00

     100 ml. (3.4 oz.) - $5.00



Decorative Maple Leaf
Decorative Maple Leaf
Gingerbread Boy
Gingerbread Boy